Service Desk

Service Desk integration and service

Integration of the Service Desk service systems directed to ensure high-quality accounting and control over the fullfillment of customer service requests. Service Desk is a convenient tool for the interaction of Customers with our dispatchers and engineers, with the help of which the Customer's representative can independently create a request for work and track its status as it is completed. In addition, a significant number of Customers prefer this system for managing the tasks of accounting for the work of corporate IT services, without entrusting their implementation to our specialists, so Service Desk system is not only a tool for working with Customers, but also a service for independent use.

Convenience and functionality

The Service Desk platforms was developed taking into account the rich experience of the IT professionals. The introduction of this system allows the company's customers or employees to easily use the wide functionality of the panel on the site online. The visual and friendly interface of the Service Desk system allows you to work with it without special training and skills. The company's clients can easily manage their accounts, receive a summary of the latest events and messages on the applications they have created, and prompt technical support will help solve any problem that has arisen.

Secure Access

Access to the panel is carried out over a secure channel, using a complex encryption algorithm. Thus, we guarantee the confidentiality of our Customers' data and data on working with the Service Desk platform, minimising the possibility of an attack by intruders on the resource.

Service Desk Development

Constantly improving and developing Service Desk platforms is increasing its usability and functionality, taking into account the specifics of the work of organisations of various profiles. We believe that our customers need simple, reliable and efficient software to control, manage and track the status of technical tickets and support calls.